How to Book a Generator

How does the pricing work?

We charge an attendance fee that is set by the amount of notice that we are given. If we have over one weeks notice then the attendance fee is £300. If it is less than one weeks notice then this increases to £350. If the requirement is urgent ("quick as you can" or "same day") then the attendance fee becomes £400.

In addition to this, we charge a fee of £30 for every hour of operation, or part thereof. This covers the fuel and operator.

So for example, to provide power for three hours at an event booked more than a week away would cost £390. To provide power for two hours at an event in three days time would cost £410. To provide power for ten hours at an event more than a week away would be £600.

Long runs or multi-day runs by negotiation.

What is the process?

Please get in touch with us to make sure that we are able to provide the date(s) that you are looking for as soon as you know what they are. We will then send you a booking terms and conditions document to read and sign. You can take a photo of the signed agreement and email this to us. You will also need to tell us at this point how many hours you expect to need us on-site for.

Your booking is confirmed as soon as we get the signed document back (or a photo of it) and we receive cleared payment for the booking (both the attendance fee and the hourly fee multiplied by the hours you need us for). We cannot hold dates provisionally, we do require payment in advance.

You can pay us through Paypal (instant), or cheque/cash.

Get in touch

Please ensure that you have read our Frequently Asked Questions so that you are familiar with what we can offer and the way that we work with our clients. Drop us an email at the address below and we will respond promptly to your enquiry.

Please note that the email address is displayed in a distorted manner to prevent automatic email address harvesting programs from being able to read it. If the image does not load, our email address is simply the word "help" followed by the "at" symbol, then our domain name "".