Power To You

We arrive when you need us, towing a fully fuelled top-spec generator with a 4x4 that can access difficult locations. We set the generator up then stay on hand through the day to tend, monitor and refuel it. When you're finished needing power, we pack up and tow the generator away. Simple, smooth and trouble-free power to you.

We're a micro-business providing generators to site from our base in Betws-y-Coed, close to the centre of the Snowdonia National Park. We are happy to attend anywhere in Snowdonia or in fact most of North Wales (further afield by prior arrangement) and can often accommodate extremely short notice requirements.

We differ from a typical hire depot in that you don't need to collect the generator, complete paperwork, leave deposits, be trained in its operation, fuel it, look after it and then have to take it back at the end. At Snowdonia Generators we save you having to go through all that - leaving you to get on with other things that need your attention.

Whatever the situation - We can help!

There are many situations where you might need a generator to bring power to your site. These include the following examples:

Storm Incident

Serious weather events can bring flooding and grid power outages to homes and businesses. We can attend even in appalling conditions to provide power to run electric pumps, heaters, or a temporary electricity supply to properties (see the FAQ for more information). Debris or fallen branches etc don't generally present any access difficulties to our 4x4, nor does flood water (up to a certain depth).

Don't forget that we have a very powerful 15kw electric fan heater with 25m of cable, we can bring it if asked for no extra charge. Subject to safe conditions for its operation, it is perfect for creating a warm space when there are lots of cold wet people needing some heat.

Media Production - Location or Base Power

We can bring power to where you need it for your production, even up bumpy mountain tracks or across muddy fields. The generator we bring will be very quiet and produce practically no visible exhaust whilst in operation, even under high load. We stay on site to tend and monitor the generator so you don't need to worry about it.

Weddings, Events, Country Fairs etc

We can bring power to your event with a quiet, low-emission generator that will run unobtrusively and provide stress-free electricity to where you need it. Don't forget that if you ask us we can bring our 15kw electric fan-heater with 25m of cable, handy for marquees to keep the chill at bay on colder days.